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Affiliated customs brokers canada pars.

Offices Services always within reach Affiliated offers its customers a vast network of offices in the United States , Canada Our offices are strategically

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Welcome to the PARS tracking Webpage The PARS documents must be provided via fax or EDI to the appropriate UPS clearance office a minimum ofthree‚Ć™ 3 hours. Track Canada bound shipment If your PARS shipment is not yet acknowledged by Canada Border Services AgencyCBSA) and you require more detailed information.

Full service Customs Broker worldwide Freight Forwarder Toronto, Ontario Warehouse and logistic complex 3PL freight forwarding WCA member. List of Licensed customs brokers Name Website Affiliated Customs Brokers Limited Affiliated Trans American Customs Brokers of Canada Ltd.

The information displayed is based on electronic messages received from the Canada Border Agility Customs PARS CARGO CONTROL.

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Champlain, NY Warehouse and Distribution Centre: Affiliated Customs Brokers USA Inc c o World Warehouse and Distribution Inc 2002 Ridge Road. PARS Inquiry System Search Parameters: PARS Reference No/ Cargo PARS Reference No/ Cargo Control No Click here for a listing of Affiliated Offices.

Customs Consulting Customs Consulting PARS Tracking e you tired of spending time calling brokers to check on your PARS shipment status.

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