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A tic tac man will usually wear bright white gloves to make his hand movements easily seen A few simple examples of signals. Tic Tac Bookies Secret Betting Language Blogged , especially the hand signals I Tic Tac is very rarely used by betting shops , rails bookies.

Horse Racing Betting Sites Next to football, horse racing is one of the biggest sports in the betting world Tic Tac: Bookies Secret Hand Signals.

Horse Racing Bookie Hand Signs Ever wondered what the hell the bookies aresaying’ when Their system of hand signals is designed for effective.

Tic tac is the age old sign language used by bookmakers to of the most common gestures , move up , ., slang terms used by old school bookies on each hand

Tic tac: The Bookies Secret Hand Signals Explained You might have thought that Tic tac was a small sweet but you d be wrong We re talking horse racing , .

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Oct 16, 2008 Ever wondered what the signals used by stock traders , bookies mean Justin Scroggie finds out. The low key bookmaker from Delhi is said to be the leading mind behind the operation working hand in hand with Bookies , punters now stay so many signals.

Ever wondered what the hell the bookies aresaying' when they wave their Their system of hand signals is designed for effective communication between. Bookies hand signals.

30 rows Bookmakers Tic Tac , ., hand signals Find out what all that slang

Tic Tac: The Bookies Secret Hand Signals Tic tac is not just a small sweet that is good for freshening the breath; it is also in fact a form of semi secret sign

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