Villagers and heroes traders refuge elakezo424327223

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Prior to playing Villagers , Heroes I mostly Variations onWhat are zogs for Where is the zog redeemer , How do I get to trader s refuge.

Take Tutall s creations to Vardah in the fortress called Traders Refuge Villagers , Heroes., Heroes Reborn Walkthrough Junk to Jewelry More Villagers

Plente seems to be a Traders Refuge spokeswoman who will reward me the first time I trade a.
Villagers and heroes traders refuge.

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Villagers , r s Refuge is the keep at the top of the hill in Trader s Pathconnected to Ardent by Elk Meadow There.

Villagers , Heroes Forum English General the trader s refuge sign today before of them in my bags as well so I bit the bullet , headed to Traders. Villagers , Heroes I have a number of these items that say they are trader refuge items other than trasj hing them what can I do with them.

Oct 11, 2012 Villagers , Heroes Forum English Tutorials Zogs can be turned in at Traders Refuge in Traders Path but getting there at a lower level can be difficult
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