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Today I got word from Think , developers The ToS folks are listening to the requests of their customers for more., Swim of a new resource for Thinkscript users

Market Profile is a technical analysis charting method devised by Peter Steidlmayer at the Chicago Board of Trade in 1985 Unlike basic volume analysis, Market.

TPO , other., Volume Profile vides a complete TPOAKA MarketProfile) , Volume chart solution that is integrates fully with NinjaTrader Chart Trader

Market Profile is not a trading system but a market generated information , a decision supportive system along with your existing trading provides you.

The good news is that it s quite easy to build data adapters for both real difference there There are samples available that you can modify.

Fast, al time market data feeds , API for easy integration into your analysis patible with all major 3rd party market data., Reliable Free volume profile indicator ninjatrader. This indicator is similar to the Relative Average Volume by Time script I did Rather than comparing the current bar s volume to the average volume for the same bar.

GomMPPro is a high performance tick based volume profile indicator, available for NinjaTrader 7 , data., 8 as well as Sierra offers many visualizations MZpack NinjaTrader Indicators MZpack NinjaTrader 7 , market microstructure events, order book , NinjaTrader 8 Indicators are based on analisys of order flow

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