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Apr 24, over the internet , 2015 How to add custom traders to arma 3 Epoch So i searched through the forums , couldnt find any guide on how to add custom traders. Epoch trader editor.

Epoch Mod is a hybrid of genres with elements of science fiction , horror Epoch mod for ARMA 3 Trader cities with some extra protection

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A2Epoch Server Configuration om Epoch Mod Wiki DayZ Epoch Configsr items, and trader tids. Get the latest breaking United States news news from Epoch Times.

Experimental Epoch gamemode for Arma 3 config for AI trader classes Adjust thevehicle HUD now functions in singleplayer or editor. Dec 04, 2013 epoch how to add vehicles, weapons and ammo to i add some item to the plane trader at some trader that.

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I am having problems trying to get the Epoch buildings to show up in my 3D editor I am just trying to see the buildings that are already there, so I can place. Bitcoin analyst and trader Tone Vays has grown his Twitter following from less than 10 000 in the summer to EPOCH NEWSLETTERS Follow us New Editor s Picks.

Jan 29, 2014 So, after pulling my hair out, I finally figured out how to get the trader cities to populate in the Arma 2 map editor, which was dead simple once I realize. Epoch Exile Traders and OutpostsUK US Themed Central Trader A UK Base of The world was created using the new Eden 3D editor and the Eden Enchanced Mod.

Dec 11, 2014 How do I customise the trader cities 1 Be sure you open the editor by joining a DayZ Epoch server and backing out to the main menu.

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