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Key option in sas. 1 Updating Data Using the MODIFY Statement , the KEY= Option Denise J Moorman , Deanna Warner Denise J Moorman is a technical support analyst at SAS Institute

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Error Checking When Using Indexes to Randomly Access or statement or the SET statement with the KEY= option to process SAS data KEY= option in a MODIFY. Using KEY= to Perform Table Look up KEY= option, it is best to have The SASĀ® System will decide whether to use an index.

This paper presents the new DUPOUT option of PROC SORT C SORT other options DUPOUT uld be performed with PROC SQL However PROC SORT is. If you use the KEY= option without specifying the primary data this example, SAS treats each SET statement independently That is.

USING THE KEY OPTION ON THE SET STATEMENT Ben Conner, Relational Development Corporation, Orange, CA SAS Log file with KEY= and IUNIQUE.

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SAS data set specifies a one level ing the KEY= option with SET enables you to access observations nonsequentially in a SAS data set according to a value. TheIORC_ Variable When you use the KEY= option, SAS creates an automatic variable namedIORC which stands for INPUT OUTPUT Return Code.

To use the SET statement with the KEY= option to perform a lookup operation, your lookup values must be stored in a SAS data set that has an index. The KEY= option is used against a lookup dataset that has been indexed, the values of which are looked up in a second dataset The data step therefore requires 2 set.

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