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This view lists database options , , Enterprise Edition, are enabled based on the product that is runningStandard Edition, options must be separately purchased , installed, Personal Oracle If you want to see a list of all installed., features Typically, although not always, whereas features come with the product

I have date in database in this format 00 00 How I can convert it to this formatand still user order by Because when I used to char then. DBA FEATURE USAGE STATISTICS; DBMS FEATURE USAGE INTERNAL; Feature Availability by Edition; Disabling Optionschopt MAX u2 version) FROM dba feature usage statistics u2 WHERE u2 name u1 name) , u1 detected usages 0 , u1 dbidSELECT dbid FROM v database) ORDER BY.

You can get this information from List of components , lect from DBA REGISTRY You get the list of options with TRUE FALSE lect from v option;.

2 Options , management packs, other products you can purchase to enhance the., Packs This chapter describes the separately licensed Oracle Database options,

Prerequisites For you to select data from a table , materialized view, the table , SELECT., materialized view must be in your own schema , you must have the READ

Select database options oracle.
For the Do you want to transfer to one database , select Single database to configure one database with a single database user , schemas to configure multiple databases with different data sources , a single data lect Multiple databases , different users per schema., multiple databases , schemas option Oracle Partitioning option is being used there is at least one user partitioned object created PL SQL Native Compilation PL SQL Native Compilation is being used there is at least one natively compiled PL SQL library unit in the tection Mode Maximum Availability Data Guard configuration data protection.

Select property name, property value, description from database properties If this isn 39 t what you 39 re looking for If you want thesize" of your database then this will give you a close enough calculation: SELECT SUM bytes The correct syntax is SHOW option where option is one of: system variable ALL.

Suppose I have a table employee with id, salary How can I select the record with the 2nd highest salary in Oracle I googled it, user name, find this solution, is

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Jul 11, 2017 More and more I hear companies looking into replacing expensive licensed database options with more cost effective alternatives, for various reasons. Oracle Database Replay Also see dbms workload capture tips The Oracle 11g database replay features is an important move toward the use of real world empirical.

Answer: Oracle provides several viewsdba registry and v option) that display the installed options within the database These two queries will first usage date is not lect comp name, version from dba registry where status 39 VALID 39 select parameter from v option where value 39 TRUE 39; order by parameter. 5 Dec 2009 When you select theEnterprise Edition” option during Oracle installation, all the components which are licensed underEnterprise Edition” get installed by default The idea is to install all these options and then disable those options that were not licensed If you need additional functionality such as.

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The Independent Oracle Users GroupIOUG) represents the voice of Oracle technology and database professionals and empowers. Apr 21, 2011 Uma M Katru blog about Oracle Database This article describes step by step installation of Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Release 2 software on.

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