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Options directive apache2.

How do I get Apache to follow symlinks probablyetc apache2 sites DocumentRootvar wwwDirectory> Options FollowSymLinks

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The Apache Tomcat Connectors Reference t one of more options to configure the mod jk module if directive Options specifies Indexes for that. HTTPD Apache2 Web Server The Options directive within a Directory and added at any time using the LoadModule directive Otherwise, Apache2 must be.

The Number One HTTP Server On The Internet¶ The Apache HTTP Server Project is an effort to develop and maintain an open source HTTP server for modern operating. How to show Directory Index in Apache 2 4 and server generated directory index forbidden by Options directive Basically it seems that Apache2 4 doesn t.

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Configuration Directives in nf The AllowOverride directive sets whether any Options can be overridden by the declarations in an htaccess file. Directory index forbidden by Options and server generated directory index forbidden by Options directive Apache Software Foundation Apache2 2 conf extra.

I am trying to delete folders through webdav but all I get is 403 on the client andDirectory index forbidden by Options directive" in the Apache error log I.

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