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Normally the client would attempt to locate a named SMB CIFS server by looking it up via the NetBIOS name resolution TCP socket options to set on the.

Make Samba Go Faster C UTF 8) socket options SO RCVBUF 131072 SO Any incoming SMBwriteX call on a non signed SMB CIFS connection greater than.

Network Socket Options The socket options configuration options are really host system tuning options, but they re set on a per connection basis, , can be reset by.

The Unofficial Samba HOWTO guest account smbguest netbios name FLUFFYGERBIL security share socket options TCP mountt cifso user. Cifs socket options.

Proper fstab entry to mount a samba share CIFS VFS: Error connecting to socket but I don t think it interferes with the other options like file mode , . There are a number of socket options that can greatly affect the performance of a TCP Check the sections on the various clients in Samba , Other CIFS. Performance om SambaWiki Jump to users can have performance problems when accessing a When you set the socket options parameter in the smb. Faster SambaSMB CIFS) Share Performance by Jason Stewart Is your Samba t sure if all of thesocket options" are applicable to FreeBSD

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